When I get up in the mornings and sometimes during the day my feet are sore like they are bruised. It feels like someone has taken a hammer and pounded on them. After I’m up and walking for awhile the pain weakens. I have some numbness in my feet at times too. I have some Aetrex insoles in my tennis shoes but not in my everyday shoes. I was wondering if that would make a difference.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. I would suggest using the Aetrex insoles in all your shoes but also make sure you are releasing your feet at the end of every day. I recommend that all my patients roll their feet on a golf ball or lacrosse ball for 10 minutes every day. Follow this with 5 minutes of calf stretching. The more you stand and stress your feet each day you want to ensure you have proper footwear, inserts when needed and doing daily foot release. I hope this helps!

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