Foot Laceration with sliced tendon

A week ago, I stepped on a broken glass bottle and cut my foot very badly (you could see my fourth metatarsal when my toes were pulled back). The tissues were stitched together and the cut was also stitched, and it is healing well without any signs of infection. However, as I feared, the foot doctor I saw yesterday said that the tendon that allows you to curl your toe downwards was cut through under my fourth toe (but did not get an MRI), so now it basically just sits there pointing straight out. Nerves may also have been cut through, but the swelling has to go down before the doctor is able to tell. The doctor said that having surgery on this tendon is not worth having to go through the healing process again and risking potential infection again by re-opening the wound and that this will not affect my ability to be active in the future, as he said people he has seen have run marathons without this tendon attached and that it is the first one sacrificed if a tendon is needed for something else in the foot. I am a very active person, so I really want to make sure that my doctor’s opinion is correct before I reach the point that I will not be able to get the tendon repaired. If it were up to me I would suck it up and just pay to get the surgery because I want to have completely normal function in my foot but my parents won’t want to pay for surgery if it isn’t necessary.

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