Foot very itchy after possible bites and blistering

Whilst being at the beach I was bit or stung twice on my foot. They blistered and was oozing for few days and went very hot and red. I was putting antihystermine cream on and also took tablets. After a week they have really gone down and now just look like 2 round scabs. Last 2 days though just lower than where they are toward the inside of my foot has been incredibly itchy like I can’t even describe. I’m concerned it’s something from the bites?

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  1. Dr. Emily Splichal

    Hello and thank you for your question. If you can provide a picture that would help as dermatological issues really require picture of a Doctor seeing the foot. If you are using the anti-histamine cream I’d continue and most likely the issue will resolve. If the itching increases you may need a prescription strength steroid cream. If you can provide a picture that would be helpful. Thank you