Foot hurts when I walk

Yesterday I was doing jiu Jitsu, and I was on the floor when someone else landed on top of my left foot (my foot was sideways on the ground at the time). It hurt, but I was able to continue the session. However, afterwards when I was walking home it started to hurt more, but it only hurts when I walk, or when I point my toes (it hurts in the middle of the soul of my foot), I though it was just bruised and would be better the next day, but this morning nothing has changed and there isn’t a visible bruise on it.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. I would either give it a couple days of rest, ice, NSAIDs and compression (ACE bandage) and if there is no change then I’d see a Podiatrist. With the bruise in the middle of the bottom of the foot then I”m not suspecting a fracutre and that it’s just soft tissue injury that needs to reduce inflammation. I hope this helps!

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