Foot drop surgery

Long story short I had compartment syndrome after i broke my leg and it resulted in me losing some anteriror tib muscle which gave me foot drop. Last year i got a tendon tranafer surgery for foot drop which transferred my posterior tibialis to the top of my foot to help dorsiflex, which it did i can doesiflex very well now and strong but then soon after i realized i wasnt able to push off or do single leg heel raises anymore. After a year my doctor thought maybe it was because my posterior tibialis was no longer doing its original job that i needed a new tendon in its place to keep my foot straight while pushing off the ground so i had another tendon transfer basically for flat foot. Now after this surgery i am still having trouble pushing off and doing single leg heel raises which effects me being able to run. The reason i am concerned is because the whole reason i got my first tendon transfer was because i wanted to be able to run again, everything else i was able to do fine. I am just looking for another opinion on what may be causing this pushing off problem that never existed before and what doctor should i be looking to see because it seems like this is way over my current orthopedic’s head and they can not figure out how to solve this as it is a rare problem. I am also considering asking for a transfer back to how i was before the tendon transfer and just wearing an AFO for foot dro again but that is my last resort. Thank you i appreciate any advice.

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