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My daughter was born with vertical talus and still has some inflexibility in foot movement as well as an extended heel bone. As such, it is very hard to find shoes that fit as the front of the foot is smaller than normal, while the heel extends out. In your opinion, what percent of kids suffer from similar kind of feet abnormality? What kind of medical conditions, like spina bifida, might result in lower limb abnormalities? I am trying to do some research into this topic to understand if many other girls have similar inconveniences. Your insight into this would be extremely helpful!



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    Hello and thank you for your question.

    Vertical Talus is a very rare congenital deformity of the foot that is sometimes associated with other neuromuscular conditions. Not all cases of Vertical Talus must be associated with genetic deformities but you would want to see a geneticist anyways.

    How old is your daughter? This condition is most successfully treated early on before the child is walking and before the bones of the feet fully develop. Has your daughter had any manipulation, stretching and casting? This is always the first treatment of Vertical Talus.

    If she is already walking and past the point of manipulation then the only options would be surgical. If you are not open to any of these options then specific footwear that is custom made is going to be your best and only option.

    You can learn more about this condition at

    Good luck!

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