Feet-severe tingling and itching on inside

My husband periodically has a sudden attack of severe tingling, itching of his feet, it occurs in both feet but usually one or the other at a time with each episode. He says it feels like it is a hundred yellow jackets buzzing around on the inside of his feet, the pain and itching is on the inside and he can’t get relief by scratching. It happens alot when he is driving and it gets so bad that he has to pull over and take off his shoes and try to scratch his feet, usually with no relief at all, but he says it is unbearable and he can’t stand it. It happens sometimes once or twice a week, and then he may go for two or three weeks before it happens again. He has always had to wear steel toed work boots with his job, is it possible it could be some kind of nerve damage?

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  1. Foot-com

    Thank you for your question.

    The symptoms that you describe your husband is feeling in his feet does sound like it may be nerve related. Your best option is to either see a Podiatrist or Neurologist so he can be fully assessed for possible nerve dysfunction. We have both large and small nerves that supply the foot so both will have to be tested to accurately determine the cause of these symptoms.

    Best of luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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  2. Laura

    That happens to me too! I thought i was going crazy.

    My question is what kind of test can the Dr. do to determine the nerve damage?

    Thank you!!

  3. Ron Abernethy

    This is the exact same thing that happens to me! It’s terrible! Very dangerous if driving.

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