feet pain and tired of it!

For about a year now I have been trying to walk without pain. When I try to walk, run, or even do zumba after about 8 minutes I start having pain in both feet. Specifically on the outside all the way down my foot then moving towards the middle of my foot under my toes. When i say pain it is like they are on fire and it happens on both feet. My right more than my left. I hate going to doctors because know they will say im over weight and just want to draw blood and run test then blame weight. I never had this issue when I was younger and was very active.I still try ro hang in with zumba and if I keep dancing the pain will ease after about 15 minutes. So far no matter how long I walk or run the pain just gets worse until I get off my feet. I thought it my be the pounding so I changed and started working out on the elliptical. I can work out longer but pain will still come after about 15 minutes. Its not something like toe nails or different shoes. I know there has to be an answer I just havnt found it yet. advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hello and thank you for your question.

    There are a couple things that may be going on – all of which I am confident we can resolve so you can keep enjoying your zumba classes. First I would start by making sure that your feet and ankles are flexible.

    Our feet become very tight during the day and when we sleep, and unless we do specific stretching they never really get a break. I would stretch your calves everyday (even days you don’t workout) for 10 minutes every night.

    You can do seated calf stretches by placing a belt of towel around your feet and pull back till you feel a stretch. Hold each stretch for 1 minute and repeat each side 5 times. In addition you want to roll the bottom of the foot out on a golf ball, tennis ball or Yamuna Foot Wakers (www.yamunabodyrolling.com). Zumba places a lot of stress on the feet because many of the moves are done on the ball of the foot.

    In addition, make sure your shoes are not laced too tight. When we exercise our feet swell so some of the pain – especially if it is burning – can be from tight shoes. Weight surely adds stress to the feet – especially when dancing, running or jumping. But if you keep your feet strong and flexible then this can help offset any extra stress.

    I hope this helps!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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