Feet feel tight, insensitive to touch

Both of my feet, top and bottom, feel as if they’re wrapped in saran wrap or like each has a latex/rubber glove on it. Moving my toes exacerbates this feeling. I had a check for diabetes-Negative. Both feet, top and bottom, are less sensitive to touch than normal, according to my podiatrist. He calls it an idiopathic condition. My primary care doctor prescribed Gabapentin (300 mg). I ended up taking 600 mg at night since these made me a bit dopey and dizzy in the AM. My podiatrist had me wean from the Gabapentin and try taking Lyrica, “to see if that helps”, something that I can’t afford to do @ roughly $400 a month. I’m 76, in good health after the removal of my prostate for cancer in 2005. My concern is in my ability to walk normally due to the insensitivity of my feet. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks in advance… Bo Ayars

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    Hello and thank you for your question. I would look into alternative options including supplements such as R-lipoic acid (600mg), acetyl-l-carnitine (500mg), L-Carnosine and L-methyl folate (1000ug x 3). There is also a prescription medication for nerve health called Metanx. In addition I’d look into low inflammatory diets including those that are low in sugar and gluten and high in polyphenols and omega-3’s. There is a lot you can do for nerve health outside of prescription medications. In addition I’d make sure you are rolling your feet on a golf ball or RAD Roller (www.radroller.com). I hope this starts to helps you.

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