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This problem is occurring in both feet. My feet used to hurt a lot and all the time. That has gone away but now they just feel odd. Sometimes after being on my feet there is very slight tingling along the balls of my feet, it is worse if I’m not wearing shoes. They feel as if they should be numb but they’re not and it’s the worst in my little toe and varies in intensity from sitting, laying or standing. When this started it would happen a couple of times a month, usually at night, and coincided with my menstrual cycle. I’m 53 and into menopause. Since July this has progressed to daily. The sensation is mostly at the balls of my feet. There is no discoloration or swelling, Sometimes they feel hot and tingly. My doctor suggested Vit B complex, which I take daily. That has helped with the hot/tingly feeling. My legs don’t hurt and other than being very annoying this does not prevent me from walking or affect my balance.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Based off of the symptoms you are describing, I would get a more in depth neurological examination. Depending on the pattern of numbness and tingling, a Podiatrist or Neurologist would be able to determine which nerves are being affected and if it is a peripheral nerve issue or actually coming from maybe your lower back.

    Taking a Vitamin B complex is good but often times it is not the be-all answer to restore nerve health and nerve function. Your doctor will be able to discuss all treatment options for nerve health including vitamins, medications and alternative treatments such as physical therapy and lasers.

    Good luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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    I have a tingly sensation on the bottom and top of my feet. Also my ankles and alittle on the top of my feet have what looks like numerous spider veins . When I sit with my feet up, the sensation of tingling improves but the spider veins are there all the time, sometimes brighter and sometimes less noticable. I have not contacted a Dr. at this point. I recently started water aerobics and have noticed that while I exercise my feet feel good.

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    Barbara G. Fallert

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