Extreme pain only when walking between ball of foot and middle toes

I’ve been having extreme pain (8-9) for a couple weeks now, thinking maybe I jammed a toe, etc. I saw a little bruising on my right toe next to my pinky toe, but that has gone away and does not hurt when I touch it. Now it’s not getting any better, and is so painful when walking, I almost can’t walk. When I’m not walking, its like there is nothing going on, no pain, no swelling, no abnormality.

The pain increases as I continue to walk and put pressure between the ball of the foot and the center 3 toes. It seems to be a burning, sore, excruciating pain. When I sit down, it subsides almost immediately. If I feel around my foot trying to figure out what hurts, I can’t pinpoint anything except maybe a little throbbing on second toe when I flex my toes (i.e. standing on my toes/ball of foot) and you can’t see anything unusual. I can flex, curl, etc. The feet are a little stiffer at 57 yrs., no major health issues, and I have been very careful about my shoes in the last couple years as I had heel surgery on the other foot about 2 years ago due to a tear.

For everyday, I don’t wear more than 1 to 1.5 inch heels or flat and for dress once in a while, maybe 2 inches. I’ve invested in mostly expensive, comfort shoes in recent years and have used pads, etc. as needed. I’m getting ready to make appt. to podiatrist, but wondering if I can remedy myself first.

Thanks very much. Bon

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  1. Foot-com

    Hello Bon thank you for your question and sorry to hear you are experiencing foot pain.

    Have you seen a Podiatrist yet? If not, I would suggest having your foot evaluated. Sounds like you may have a neuroma or inter-metatarsal bursitis.

    Both of these conditions are aggravated when pushing off or going onto the ball of the foot. If this is in fact what is causing your foot pain then you may benefit from a steroid injection and a metatarsal pad.

    I hope this helps!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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