Explanation of findings from x-ray

My X-ray report stated:

Finding: There is mild marginal spurring at the calcaneal plantar fascia as well as superior margin of the talnavicular joint.

Impression: Mild degenerative spurring at the talonavicular joint as well as spurring at the calcanea plantar facia attachment.

I don’t know what it means… I do know that when I move my ankle a certain way, I feel a crunch and then my ankle hurts for days after. I did get a cortisone shot in my joint, but that has not helped the crunching feeling.

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  1. Foot.com

    Hello and thank you for your question. The plantar fascial spur tells me your plantar fascia is tight and lacks elasticity. This can be addressed with daily myofascial release using a golf ball or RAD Roller (www.radroller.com) The spurring of the TNJ tells me your foot is not stable and is most likely over pronated or flat. This over-pronation can start to stress your ankle joint as well which is why you have pain in your ankle. If you have not tried inserts in your shoes I suggest looking at Aetrex Lyncos (www.aetrex.com) which are a great way to start to control. If you note that you need more control then you can speak to your Podiatrist about getting custom orthotics. I hope this helps!