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I have recently started on a daily exercise programme, it is not rigorous at all, treadmill moderately fast walking for 30 minutes, i am wearing good sport walking shoes designed for this and have had them properly fitted. I am having a LOT of trouble with my feet, and am suffering from aching and soreness across the top of my foot near the toes and also in the toe joints, my heels are getting sore as well, any ideas why? (i am overweight, and am trying to rectify this by diet and exercise, but its getting difficult!), thanks

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    Thank you for the question and congratulations on the initiative to be fit and healthy. Unfortunately due to the level of impact with every step we take, our feet can take quite a beating with a walking fitness program. As our feet adapt to the increase in exercise, we will often feel new aches and pains in the many joints of the foot and ankle. Some of the best tips for minimizing pain in your feet during exercise are: 1. Ensure you have proper footwear and 2. Integrate foot and ankle stretches before and after exercising. Make sure your walking shoes are new and are replaced every 300 miles, or every 3 months. Stretch your calves and hip flexors before and after walking. Make sure you hold each stretch for 30 seconds, and repeat 3 times. If your pain persists then see your Podiatrist who can do further evaluation.

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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