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About three years ago I sustained a physical therapy exercise which caused a very puff swelling to occur in my left foot and ankle. It was accompanied by pain along the front of my shin and down into my foot. This all seemed to heal itself within about two weeks. However, ever since then I have suffered from the small puff swelling off and on. Sometimes it is painless, other times it is very tight and uncomfortable but not so much painful. The physical therapy was to help strength my feet and correct my gait in order to elevate the symptoms of metatarsalgia. Lately the swelling seems to be worse even though I’m not having an flare ups with the metatarsal pain. I did recently sustain two minor injuries to that foot but both to the best of my knowledge have healed. The swelling presents itself most fervently when I’ve been sitting a while but can also take place when I am standing or walking if I’m barefoot.

At present I have very little money to go into a doctor for this so I’m looking for insight and input on what might be going on and what I can do to remedy it. Thanks.

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    Hello and thank you for your question.

    Without examining you it is difficult for me to say the exact cause of the swelling however I would start with general edema recommendations. When we sit for prolonged periods our feet tend to swell due to gravity and inactivity of the calf muscles.

    Our calves act as a natural pump so if you find yourself sitting for a long period move your feet and ankles every hour. In addition I would consider the use of compressive stockings which are good for balancing edema in the lower leg. You can get compression stockings from many stores such as Wal-Mart or online.

    I would suggest starting with the 15 – 20 mmHg compression and if you still get swelling you can increase to 20 – 25 mmHg. If your swelling persists despite the above then I would see a Doctor.

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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