dull light comes/goes pain in the toes

No injury here, lots of radiology & MD visits & blood work & physicals regularlly as part of cancer screening from stomach resection yrs ago. Take 50mg amitriptyline daily.Lyme disease treated by IV 5 weeks at home 1995. Last 5 years on/off pain in big toe left. Dull, comes on slow, not super painful….just there…..slowly fades. Now right small toe same thing. Seems like one toe at a time….over time…never 2 toes at the same time.It’s telling me something is coming. Question is what? Where to focus my attention? thanks Doc!

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    Thank you for your question. Sounds like you have a very complex history. Again without fully examining you it is difficult to say the cause of your symptoms. Joint pain in the feet can be related to systemic conditions, such as lyme or rheumatoid disease – or it can be purely biomechanical in nature.

    Regardless of the cause of pain you may benefit from a full examine with a Podiatrist. He/She will be better equipped to differentiate between systemic and biomechanical causes for joint pain. A good start with foot pain is to always ensure you have supportive shoegear and have proper foot joint mobility. Best of luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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