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Now that the cold weather has settled in, I am experiencing severe dryness on the soles of my feet. When I get pedicures at the nail salon, they usually coat the heel or other problem areas with a gel and wrap it in plastic. I usually sit like this for 7-10 minutes. However, I really don’t feel like it does anything in the long run. The skin is nice and silky for a few hours and then goes back to its original state. What do you recommend to combat severe dry skin? Thanks

— asked by Milo33

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  1. Foot-com

    Hello and thank you for your question. Some of the best products for dry skin are urea or lactic acid based products. These products essentially “eat away” the dry, thick skin while hydrating. Many of these are prescription products which you can get from your Dermatologist or Podiatrist. There is an over the counter product called CeraVe which is also helpful for dry skin.

    If you are going to use any Vaseline-based products these are best only after showering as they act as sealants. If the dry skin persists, I would see a Podiatrist as sometimes there are biomechanical reasons of why you are getting calluses on your heels. Good luck!

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  2. Foot-com

    Wearing socks will dry out your skin,avoid socks as much as possible.Maybe once a week,put moisturizer on your feet,and sleep with white cotton socks,THAT’S IT!

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