dislocated big toe/bunion?

Can a dislocated big toe cause a bunion to form? I dislocated my toe in March of ’12 and am noticing what seems to be a bunion now. My toe has not fully healed yet & I’m wondering if that would be a contributing factor. I only wear sneakers & have special padding in place to alleviate the pressure in that area but still have issues. Would I need to have surgery to fix & would the auto accident policy cover it?

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    Thank you for the question. Depending on the severity of the dislocation, supportive soft tissue structures surrounding your toe could have been damaged. If this is the case then there will be an associated loss of stability. Lose stability and the big toe can begin to drift over, creating a bunion. Now a true bunion is not just a shift in the big toe, but also the 1st metatarsal (long foot bone).

    A Podiatrist would be able to determine specifically which is occuring in your case, and whether or not the dislocation causes the shift in the great toe. As far as auto accident coverage, this is something I would see the Podiatrist and then discuss it with the insurance company. Good luck!

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