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On the ball of my foot (not on the toe) I have a deep growth of what seems like hardened skin but its very painful to even even the lightest of pressure. Its not surface pain and the center of the continuing growth can be pulled off in chunks of soft skin. In 15 years it has never gone away and I’m pretty sure IS NOT A CORN because it has nothing to do with the toe and feels attached to the bone. Its odd and VERY painful.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. It sounds like you are describing a common lesion called IPK – or intractable plantar keratosis. This lesion is actually a corn – but a unique corn. It does grow inward and has a “core” that can be shaved down. IPK’s are formed as a direct result of pressure. Excess pressure in the foot can be present as a result of hammertoes, bunions, foot type or even a plantar-flexed metatarsal. All of these biomechanical imbalances can be assessed by your Podiatrist – as well as a discussion of your treatment options. If surgery is not of interest, there are other ways to off load the IPK’s with padding or orthotics with dispersion areas.

    One option I really like is the Aetrex orthotics and Mozaic technology that is built into their shoes.

    These insoles allow you to remove pieces of the insole where you have your painful IPK, thereby off loading the area. Good luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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