Dark spot on toenail

I have had this big dark brown almost black spot on my big toenail. I tried treating it with tea tree oil for a week and there is no change. I’m scared it could be melanoma? It’s only under a nail and not growing out, nail is a bit yellow but not much, spot takes about 1/4 of a nail and doesn’t really have a shape. I’m a teen and really don’t want to go to my parents so that is why I am asking and also don’t want to go to the doctor if not really necessary.

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  1. Foot.com

    Hello and thank you for your question. Often times black areas under the nails are bruising and dried blood from prior injury. Melanoma typically presents as a line or streak that runs the entire length of the nail starting from the base of the nail. If you truly suspect a melanoma a biopsy of the nail bed would need to be done to rule this out. If you can send a picture that would better help me advise you.

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