Cuticle and nail pain

A few months back, I had some abnormal swelling around the cuticle of my big toe and noticed the nail had thickened considerably. After meeting with my family doctor, he decided on a quick steroidal treatment that for all intents and purposes was successful. What concerns me now is my nail abruptly thinned out, leaving an almost jagged edge where the nail changed thickness (imagine the planar difference like tree bark peeled away). The new nail (thinner) growth also seems to be wider than the original nail and is becoming an source of pain. Is something I should bypass my family doctor in favor of a podiatrist for? Thanks.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Yes I would definately suggest seeing a Podiatrist for any foot-related issues. I cannot offer any specific advice as I do not know what your nail looks like. Good luck!

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