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I’m a distance runner with a moderately sized corn(smaller than a dime) on the outside of my little toe. The raised surface is painless and slightly roughened like a callous, but the perimeter (where it attaches to normal skin) is often sensitive and very painful to touch.

I realize the proper fit of shoe and sock is very important to being pain free when either walking or running. I did find it diminished in size when I kept it covered with a band aid for an extended period of time, like one week. Have you any ideas on how I might get rid of it? Thanks,


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    Thank you for your question. Corn formation on the toes, especially the fifth toe, is a very common reaction to excess shoe pressure. If you have any contracture or rotation of the fifth toe this will increase the pressure, corn formation and pain.

    To minimize the pain and corn formation, you are on the right track by wearing properly fitting shoes and socks. You can also try to keep the skin soft and pummice the thick skin. However, complete removal of the corn is impossible unless you correct the underlying toe contracture or rotation.

    This must be done by surgery. If you are interested in permanent correction of the toe, I recommend seeing a Podiatrist who can further discuss the procedure and your options.

    Good luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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