Constant pain of left big toe after avulsion fracture

Hi. My daughter had an avulsion fracture on her big toe after a gymnastics injury. She had surgery to repair it this past March. After surgery, she started her PT and slowly went back into gymnastics. Unfortunately the pain continued and it even increased as time went by to the point that she could not sleep well at night. The pain felt like pinching needles underneath the big toe. After further review, it appeared that there was a great deal of scar tissue surrounding the toe, which may have been affecting the nerve. After a second surgery two weeks ago, the doctor was able to remove all scar tissue and confirm that everything else on the toe looked anatomically correct, including an anchor he placed on the first surgery. She has now been going to PT and the toe still hurts quite a bit. It is however a different type of pain. More like a pressure type pain. As you can probably tell she is extremely frustrated with having pain to the toe for so many months… I have two questions: Is the pain normal? what can she do to reduce/help alleviate the pain?

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Sounds like she may have some nerve damage from the injury and both surgeries. What I would suggest adding to her regimine is laser therapy (Class IV) as well as any supplements that are nerve protective (acetyl-l-carnitine 500mg, R-lipoic acid 600mg, L-methyl-folate 1000ug). You can also consider the role of infrared sauna and light therapy. These alternative treatment options are dose dependent and require a few months before noting a difference. I hope this helps!

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