Chipped bone in foot

I have a chipped bone on the outside of my right foot that took for doctors to diagnose I was told that it was arthritis by the first three and finally the fourth one was able to see a chip in the X-ray. Because I just broke my wrist 5 weeks ago I have been off work so I am unable to get the surgery on my foot right now at the doctor has recommended. I have had cortisone shots in it and I do get relief but now the new doctor is hesitant and said to not get anymore because I’m a rupture a tendon. I am in excruciating pain 75% of the time after putting weight on it from a sitting position I just about go through the roof until it Jimmy’s itself in a position where it doesn’t give me the stabbing pain. I am a server and I also work another job and I’m 63 years old. I need to be able to get through till December until I can have the surgery if that’s what I decide to do. I have I stood I have tried rolling and I’ve tried stretching it and nothing is helping I am so desperate I need any kind of help possible can you tell me if there’s something I could do to relieve some of the pain I appreciate your help thank you Lois Berg

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    Hello and thank you for your question. If you do have a chip fracture that is in the ankle joint itself as this is what it sounds like then it is hard to address this with stretching and rolling. There is a synovial fluid the chipped piece is floating around which is why it shifts around. If you doing steroid injections into the joint there is no concern of rupturing a tendon or ligament. If the injections are not in the joint then where are they being done? If I saw the Xray or exactly what bone was chipped I’d be able to better guide you. Sorry I cannot provide more answers but if you can provide more information I can better advise.

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