My child has extra bone tissue on the distal portion of 4th toe

We noticed on my 7 year olds left foot, what appeared to be a hard point at the end of his 4th toe. He says its painful to the touch, and it looks like there is an extra nail bed or bump under the nail. Originally, we took him to a dermatolgist thinking it was a topical issue, but when his foot was X-rayed, there is a visable mass at the end of his 4th toe joint. But the mass seems to be pointing upward or in a different direction than the normal distal. We have an appointment coming up soon, but wanted to get some quick advice as to what could cause this, or what it would be?



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    Hello and thank you for question.

    Without examining the foot or x-ray, I do not want to jump to conclusions of what this may or may not be. The Podiatrist or Orthopedist will decide if a biopsy needs to be done to further assess and diagnose.

    At the time of your appointment the doctor will be able to go over the differentials including benign masses of the soft tissue or bone.

    Good luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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