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Hello Doctor… I present you a challenging case. I was misdiagnosed several times for 5 years. The symptom was a really acute pain to the touch down the lateral malleolus of the right foot and very swollen on that area. It pained when I did full plantar flexion and when I tried a long aversion. This with the pass of time made me change my walk a little to avoid pain. Then I decided to study anatomy and take a look at the studies I was done (Rx, MRI, CAT)… With of help of visualizing software I found something weird in my talus below the lateral malleolus, it was like a bone “spike”, latter the doctor would call it osteophyte. So they removed it and the acute pain at touch near the lateral malleolus was gone… The surgical procedure was about 3 months and left scarring as well. The pain in full plantar flexion didn’t disappear but dimmed a little… Here is a sagittal picture of each of my feet to contrast… would you say that a Stella-process is causing this pain???

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    Hello and thank you for your question. I need to know where your pain is in your ankle when you do full plantarflexion. If it is in the back of your ankle then it is quite possible it is the Steides Process hitting your tibia. This is very common and every person has a maximum plantarflexion they can go to. Why are you trying to go to extreme plantarflexion? Posterior impingement is what this is often referred to as. If you can provide additional information. Thanks.

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