Can’t bend toe…walking on outside of feet…and more :(

Hey everyone in not sure how long all of this has been going on but recently I noticed my big toe doesn’t bend in the second joint. It also seems that I have some difficulty walking on the toe. This made me realize that the fact I often find myself walking on the outside of my foot has something to do with this. I’ve also noticed that I have a small non painful lump on the shin of the same leg that’s not on the other leg…it seems muscle like. This same foot points a bit outward when I walk as well. I noticed that if I point my foot straight that my knee turns inward a bit. I don’t know when any of this might have started not do I recall any type of foot or leg injury. This week I tried walking and forcing my foot to stay straight so I can attempt to roll on my toe and began to get a black and blue and small pain in my knee. What could this all mean?! Please help!

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    Thank you for your question. It is very difficult for me to assess what may be going on without examining you in person. There is often a correlation between foot position and knee alignment. A muscle imbalance may be present in your case which is causing the knee pain when you try and walk with your foot straight. I recommend seeing a Podiatrist who specializes in Sports Medicine or an Osteopath, as both will be better trained to do a full lower extremity biomechanical exam. Good luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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