Callus pain

Hello, I’ve had four calluses on my left foot for a couple months. As of now they’ve become extremely painful. They hurt when I walk on them and randomly have episodes of intense throbbing and burning even when I’ve been laying down and doing nothing. They are also inflamed and red. I’ve made an appointment with a podiatrist but I can’t get in until Sept 7th. Do you think they’re infected? Do I need to go to the doctor sooner?

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Calluses don’t really get infected as it requires a portal of entry for bacteria to get infected. If you have no cut on your foot associated then chances are they are not infected. However if you notice any drainage or streaking then I’d go to an Urgent Care Center immediately. In the mean time you can shave calluses with a pummice stone to decrease some of the pressure or use U-pads or metatarsal pads to off load the area. I hope this helps!

  2. Darrius

    Are there any PERMANENT callus removal treatments. U have 3 on 1 foot. Been over 6 years

  3. Peter Grant

    I have an extremely painful callus om the ball of my right foot. I have used a cream balm to help clear it but it is not working Can you please suggest another remedy as I cannot see or touch it.

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