Bursitis treatments

I started walking on concrete about 8 weeks ago, usually ~10 miles per day. The other day I saw a big lump right where a bunion would normally develop. I went to a podiatrist and they took and x-ray it and diagnosed it as bursitis.

What I would like to know is besides stopping my walking what other things can be done to assist with healing? Is self-massage a good idea? Should I put heat or cold on the lump? Is it OK to replace my walking with biking or is that a bad idea? Thanks!

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  1. Foot.com

    Hello and thank you for your question. I would ensure that your shoes are fitting properly. Often times excessive walking in narrow shoes is going to put excess stress on the bunion creating the painful bursitis. You can also ice the area 10 minutes nightly followed by topical anti-inflammatories. And yes you can switch from walking to cycling. I hope this helps!