Burning sensation on top of foot

I have had 4 months of burning on top of right foot. Worse at night but not as bad in day. I had foot x-ray and there are no cracks. More towards the left top of right foot and pain in big toe. Doc only said I was loosing cartilage  in big toe. No explanation for burning.

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  1. Foot.com

    Hello and thank you for your question. Burning pain is usually a nerve-related pain symptom – not anything with the bones or joints. Does it radiate into the toes or stay on top of the foot? I would start by releasing your feet and calves to ensure that all nerves are free of tension. You roll the bottom of your foot and lower leg muscles 10 minutes nightly using a RAD Roller (www.radroller.com). If your pain persists I would see a Podiatrist to get a more thorough evaluation. I hope this helps!

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