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Greetings and thank you in advance for any advice/recommendations you might have: I’m a 55 year old male , over weight most of my adult life currently 285 but has been more. Pre-diabetic has been diagonosed and some neuropathy damage has occurred however my A1c has been under 5 for some time now and I closely monitor my sugar, diet and excercise often. I do realize that a lower weight would greatly help and constantly struggle with diet and losing. My question is: my feet just kill me most of the time….I assume it’s arthritis, plantar fasciitis, possible bone spurs etc and have had orthotics made I wear in my footwear that doesnt seem to eleviate much of the pain. Currently I have burning (top) of the arch pain that lasts a day or so (keeps me up with stabbing pain every 30 seconds or so) after strenous activity such as raking leaves that I have to associate with the body leaning as I do the task thus straining (I guess) the arch area…this pain comes on usually at night after the day of working them too hard?? wearing orthotics does not seem to help and my feet ache all the time from many things. Walking for excercise, working all day on them, yard work esspecially etc…they are stiff and hurt all the time it seems BUT this burning sensation from apparently hurting the arch area from what I can only guess is the leaning of my body and thus flexing the arch that is the most painful with the stabbing pains that last for a day or two that I would like to avoid. But the work, excercise commitments aren’t going away any time soon and this pain is hard to live with. Long story short I know I need to see a doctor and plan on it but thought I would post for some quick advice and appreciate your time and expertise.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. It is possible you may have several issues going on. Based off of your symptoms you may be having a combination of soft tissue and neuropathic pain. If your (pre) diabetes is as controlled as you describe above, I am guessing it is more soft tissue pain. Soft tissue arch pain such as plantar fasciitis, is often relieved with stretching, anti-inflammatories and NSAiDs or injections.

    If you have not done any stretching of the calves, icing or anti-inflammatories – this is a good place to start. I would see a Podiatrist anyways as it is always a good idea to get a routine foot exam as a (pre) diabetic. Good luck!

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