Bruised toenail, fell off. What to do next?

Hi, I’m an athlete who trains 5 days a week and I’m constantly in shoes. Probably around 2 years ago I forgot to cut my toe nails and both index toenails bruised leading to the nails falling off. Everything was fine with one but the other seemed to grow back weirdly and still bruised then leading it to fall off again after growing back. It’s now fully grown back again (very very slowly) but I noticed the white part of the nail seems very thick and impossible to cut. At first I thought it was a fungal infection but after treating it, it’s still the same. over the past week I’ve also noticed slight bruising only in the center of the nail and it’s now visible that another toenail might be growing underneath. I’ve been extremely busy and find it hard to go visit the doctor and I also feel no pain which is why I haven’t stressed about going. I’m just looking for some answers to see if it is serious or not and if I can fix it myself or should go to the doctor. Please help as I’m starting to worry. THANK YOU!! I would have put a photo but I don’t know how to…

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    Hello and thank you for your question. What you are describing is very common in runners and cleated athletes. This is due to the micro-trauma of banging into the shoe with the 2nd toenail being the most commonly affected. I would try to keep the nail filed down, thin and short however after a series of micro-trauma tihs may be an issue you always deal with until you stop traumatizing the toenail. If you have no pain associated then I wouldn’t worry too much about the nail just do as I recommended. There usually is not fungus in these nails it is more of a hypertrophic / lytic nail. I hope this helps!

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