what is the bruise like feeling on top of my foot?

Hi. The top of my right foot seems to ache or is bruised and sometimes I may limp a little at times, it comes and goes. I believe it is also a little swollen. I noticed when I step in my swimming pool as it was filling up with water, I could see something like a rash on my feet. The right is the one that feels bruised and the left one doesn’t feel that way, its just that Ive seen a rash like on both of them. I am taking a new medicine due to having an underactive thyroid. I believe its not the medicine because I just started in like a week ago and the pain or ache was there before that. My lower legs get chilled at night when sleeping but thats due to the underactive thyroid or I guess it could be something else too thats going on, Such as a clot. I smole a littel and am overweight significantly. Im 31 years old. This contusion or bruise has been here for like 2 weeks or so. So if anyone has any ideas about whats causing it or whats going on I would like to hear them, so I can ask my doctor. It feels like a bruise and there is a slight faint of redness or pink. Thanks

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    Hello, I recommend seeing a foot specialist, as opposed to a general practitioner. A Podiatrist is well trained to treat many different conditions that relate to the feet. So whether the cause of your pain is a rash, or related to a clot, a Podiatrist will be able to treat you. Good luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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