Broken second toe

I’m fairly certain I broke my second toe a year ago (walked into a hidden post while wearing sandals). The pain never entirely subsided and now seems somewhat problematic. I had orthotics made a few months before this injury for other issues (Hallux Rigidus, metatarsalgia) and now have constant foot pain. I am a 66 year old tennis instructor and want some help. I now also have plantar fasciitis (never had this problem before). Could this be related?

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    Hello and thank you for your question. I would start by focusing on foot recovery and foot strength. I always recommend my patients integrate foot rolling / release with a golf ball or RAD Roller ( for 5 minutes 2x a day. I would follow this with Correct Toes ( for 30 minutes daily. If you feel your 2nd toe is of concern then I would have xrays taken to ensure the joints are not arthritic. If your pain persists then I would have your feet re-evaluated to see if your orthotics are appropriate for your foot type. I hope this helps!

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