Break Fused Toes??

I had hammer toe surgery awhile ago which in reality I didnt need it. I had soft corns from playing sports all my life but never actually had hammer toes. My doctor said surgery was the only option to remove the soft corns so thats why i had “hammer” toe surgery cause he straighten my toes. However due to the surgery, my fused bones in my second and third toe on both feet are cricked and they curl to the floor meaning they arent straight like they were suppose to be. Ive seen plenty of before and after hammer toes pictures and they look great. Mine on the other hand looks like i have hammer toes. My toes now look completely different from before the surgery even with the corns. Ive never had hammer toes but now it looks like i did. He basically rushed the procedure and didnt take his time resulting in the shape of my toes now. My question is can a great foot surgeon rebreak the fused bone to reshape it back to normal using a pin that they stick in during a hammer toe procedure? would you have to inject bone marrow to have more bone to actually reshape it to normal? I know there has to be a way even if its a risky way. Theres millions of fixes for everything now on a human body. Id appreciate your response/answer, thank you.

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  1. Foot-com

    Hello and thank you for the question. Without examining your foot or X-rays I cannot say exactly what may be the case but I can give general guidelines. There are two types of hammertoe surgery where the joint can either be released or fused. If the surgery you had done was just a release, it is easy for the joint to deviate again and take on the appearance of a hammertoe. Depending on how the bone was cut, yes a surgeon can go back in and re-do the hammertoe surgery and fuse it with a K-wire. The ability to go back in and fix a hammertoe depends on how much bone was cut or removed. I recommend seeing another Podiatrist who can take x-rays and better determine if a revision surgery is possible and what type of results can be expected.

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    Dr. Emily Splichal
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  2. Rick Crammond

    I just noticed my second fused toe is no longer fused. I’m not sure if I want to go through 12 months of recovery again. Would amputation be a better option ? I am a 67 year old male.

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