Brachymatarsia & Mortons Neuroma Symptoms

I’ve seen a local foot specialist and was diagnosed with Braymatarsia (shortened foot bones on the outer two toes), which caused Mortons Neuroma (inflamed nerves) in both feet, but the right had more pain.

I had a series of three steroid shots in the right foot to reduce the inflammation and I now wear $500 foot inserts to keep my feet in the right place, in my Aetrex tennis shoes. I still get pains and feel like the condition will never fully improve. I asked my foot care specialist if the condition ever fully improves, but felt like I got a generic answer.

What can you tell me about this condition?

What further recommendations do you have for this condition, as well as plantar facitis and a tight achilles tendon? (Exercises and such)…..

Thank You.

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  1. Foot-com

    Thank you for the question. Neuroma pain can be very frustrating and patient response to conservative treatment can be quite variable. Because you have the combination of both brachymetatarsia and a neuroma you may have more difficulty responding to treatment. If you do not respond to conservative treatment your Podiatrist may recommend you consider surgical options. In your case, because you have both the short metatarsal and the neuroma, this may be the best option. Neuroma excision is a common surgery in Podiatry with a good success rate. I would recommend discussing this option with your Podiatrist.

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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