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I have been running for 25 years and as I age I have developed more and more foot problems. Ball of the foot has been very painful and hard to deal with. For years I have been wearing gel pads on both feet until I purchased the sport series Lynco orthotics last year. Recently I purchased a new pair and have been very disapointed that they no longer reduce the stress that I need them for. I ran last night (4 miles) and my foot is so sore that I have to ice it to get rid of the sorness that the impact has caused.
I don’t want to go back to the gel pads as they sliped and they were uncomfortable between my toes,is there an adjustment you can recommend? or another solution to this painfull problem?

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    Thank you for the great question. As we age, our feet go through a lot of changes. Pain in the ball of the foot can be related to a decrease in the fat pad, digit contractures and/or muscle strength. Digit contractures and/or a high arched-foot type are associated with increased stress to the ball of the foot. A great way to decrease the pressure off of the forefoot is by frequent calf stretching. Limited ankle mobility increases the pressure to the ball of the foot. Since your pain is primarily during running, I recommend stretching your calves before your run. If the pain continues to persist I recommend seeing your Podiatrist for a full biomechanical evaluation.

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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