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During the summer, my feet were so hot, they felt like they would burst into flames. I figured when the hot weather went away, so would this problem. It did not. Went to foot dr. who insisted I was diabetic because of my tingling toes. Never mention tingling. Anyway, I got tested and I am not diabetic. My blood sugar is in the normal range. Talked to foot dr. who said go to neurologist. I guess I picked the wrong neuro. He pushed meds from the 1st time I got there without even knowing what the problem is. He was so sure I have neuropathy. He send me to another neuro for an EMG. This should have been a red flag for me but I went ahead and got the EMG. It came back normal. Next the neuro said I had small fiber neuropathy. He said there was a test but no one close by did it so I asked what that could be caused by. He sent me for blood work and x rays. I waited and waited for test results. I finally called and was told he would call me. He did not. I called again. My call was returned and a voice mail was left. The person from the neuro’s office said they don’t give that info over the phone. She snapped at me during her message. anyway, left work early and went to neuro. He said labs were normal. This appointment wasted my time. He could have told me that on the phone. There is no proof that I have small fiber neuropathy and I won’t accept that unless I have proof. Any ideas on what the problem is? I can’t keep taking off work.

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    Thank you for the question and I understand your frustrations. Without examining you I cannot say exactly what is the cause of your pain, however I will do my best to guide you. As far as your symptoms, a “burning”-type pain is classic of a type of neuropathy or nerve dysfunction. Nerve pain in the feet can be either in one foot, both feet, just in the toes or along a certain pattern in the foot. The characteristic pattern of your burning sensation will help the neurologist with the diagnosis. There is both a small fiber and large fiber neuropathy.

    The EMG/NCV test can only detect large fiber neuropathy, which in your case was normal. For small fiber neuropathy, a Doctor would have to take a small skin punch biopsy. Perhaps you could find a location that does this type of test. As far as causes and treatments there are several different approaches. I would recommend finding a neurologist who is open to all different treatments and can perform this small nerve fiber test. I would also suggest finding a nutritionist or someone how can assess you for different possible vitamin deficiencies as sometimes this can cause nerve symptoms.

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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