Blisters on ball of feet

Hi, I ALWAYS get blisters on the balls of my feet when I walk a distance of a mile or more. There is only one shoe brand/ style I don’t get blisters when I walk distances, Sketchers Mary Jane style “flats”. I was very surprised when I discovered this, and initially thought it was the brand, although Sketches are known more as fashion shoes than athletic shoes, but I haven’t had luck with the more typical athletic styles they carry. I would like to find a really good walking shoe that provides more support as I have some hip, leg, and back pain that flairs when I walk a lot. I am 53, 5’5″ 165. I wear 7 1/2 , B width shoes. I don’t have any other foot issues. I was told by a shoe salesperson 20 years ago my arches had fallen, but I have no idea whether that was accurate, or if it is a permanent condition. Can you advise what may be causing the blisters and recommend some good shoe options?

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Blisters are always related to friction. This tells me that when you are pushing off to take a step you are shifting your foot in a way that causes the friction and blisters. This is called a “cigarette twist” and “low gear pushoff”. I’d honestly go to a Podiatrist and have your foot evaluated as you may have an issue in your big toe, ankle, knee or hip that is causing this issue. Shoes really won’t change this it needs to be corrected through stretching and exercise. I hope this helps.

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