Blister inside bottom of foot

Dear Dr. Emily Good day to you I’m 42 years old, male. One day I woke up with a single blister (as I expect) on the inside bottom of my right foot, its exactly inside the arch, I can feel the pain when I walk only, its pain only and no itching. I can see a very small swelling without a color from outside when I stretch the arch but barely can be noticed. I didn’t see a Dr yet or use any medication, its 5 days now since started and Its not heeling Hope to get your advice soonest Sincerely

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Ideally I’d like to see a picture to determine if it is a friction blister or a blister from a fungal infection. If it is associated with friction then it is a change of footwear and movement patterns that is needed to correc it. If it is associated with a fungal infection then it would be topical steroid and anti-fungal medication. It may be worth seeing a Podiatrist if you notice no change or improvement. I hope this helps!

  2. Saeed

    Dear Dr, thank you very much for the reply…

    Indeed, its more to a hard corn or a bead inside bottom of the arch, so I cannot see it from outside , only if I touch it or walk on it then I can feel it…

    What surprised me more, last two days I started to soak my foot in hot water and massage it, it was really astonishing to feel that hard bead or corn started to soften and reduce in size, actually I felt like bubble inside my feet is moving…now it is almost disappear but until now I don’t know what is it? and what is the cause of such thing to happen!!!?

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