Black toenail years after injury

Hello, My fiance’s big toenail has turned black on his left foot in the upper left hand corner (looks like a black square). Years prior he was mowing my parents lawn on a hill (push lawn mower) and he slipped and his foot went under the blade and his toe nail was injured. The nail was pulled off and the bleeding stopped but he never got stitches (probably should have). The nail never reattached to the bed past 1/4 way up his nail. He keeps it trimmed to where a normal nail would be. 2 months ago his nail started turning black and has been continually growing as time goes on. The skin around his nail is not painful and it doesn’t hurt when he pushes on it. He cut off a portion of the nail and says “It seems like blood but i’m not a doctor.” He has not been to see a doctor because he has no insurance so we would like to avoid it if at all possible. Below is a link to a picture of his toe. Thank you for your help.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Looking your picture it looks like it may be fungal infection. The picture is a little dark however usually after trauma to the nail the patient is at an increased risk of fungal infections. What you can try is using an over the counter anti-fungal nail laquer twice a day for 6 months in conjunction to tea tree oil. Most fungal nail infections require treatment for 6 – 9 months. If it persists then I recommend seeing a Doctor to discuss oral anti-inflammatory medications. I hope this helps!

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