Black spot under callus

I’ve got an odd black spot 1cm wide by 5mm under a callous on my heel. I spend a lot of time on my feet so I do look after them and this is new. I did investigate and it appears its quite deep in. I removed top of callous and there’s a bit of a hole under about 3mm deep but nothing weeping and it doesn’t smell any worse than my normal foot. Any ideas doc? Thanks.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Ideally I’d want to see your foot to confirm what your foot likes like however it is most likely a hematoma (blood) under your callus. It is not uncommon to get a hematoma or blood under their callus with excess pressure. The hematoma will eventully come to the surface so I wouldn’t be overly concerned however if you do notice drainage or odor then I’d see a Podiatrist right away. To help offload pressure you can use a u pad or speak to your Podiatrist about orthotics that can help offload the area. I hope this helps!

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