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About 4 or so months ago I stubbed my right big toe into something, it hurt like heck for a bit, I think there was only pain and maybe some slight red or pinkish color to it. And then 6-8 weeks later I stubbed it again. This was about 4 months ago when the initial took place. Every once in a while it gets stiff and I can barely walk on my foot, my toe being so stiff or achy or painful. To this day I have noticed that there is a slight redness about an inch or half an inch below my toe nail, and it streaks down a little ways. I think I had this toe checked out and xrayed and was told that it was just a sprain. Why am I seeing the redness on my big toe? It has been months since the injuries. Is it possible there is something else going on with it. I don’t think there is, its not bothering me, it s once in a while it gets stiff or painful to walk on. Was the sprain diagnosis accurate?
I had jammed into something pretty good.

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    Hello and thank you for your question.

    Sounds like it is your IP joint of the big toe that is experiencing the trauma. If you have repeatedly jammed the toe this can lead to inflammation and possible traumatic arthritic changes to the joint. The result will be occasional pain and redness when you stress the toe or during certain movements or weather changes.

    Depending on how painful the toe is or can get, there are always steroid injections that can be given to address the inflammation. Otherwise I would recommend icing the toe or limiting activity during the periods of inflammation. If the pain or arthritic changes were to advance then sometimes the joint has to be surgically fused.

    I hope this helps!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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