Big toe pain

First I will share that a podiatrist diagnosed me 10 years ago with fractures to both sets of sesamoid bones in both feet. This diagnosis was reached after scans were performed and based on the pain and burning in the balls of my feet along with the obvious deformity (big toes looked flex at rest). I did not receive any treatment, as I really wasn’t given any options, other than to curb my running. I’ve lived through the pain since then.
Yesterday, while working in the yard, in tennis shoes, on a slanted surface, my right big toe popped loudly and then I felt extreme pain. The pain subsided after a few minutes. Last night, it was throbbing but also felt numb. I have been unable to move the toe at will since then. I can not curl it at all but can flex it slightly with some pain. It doesn’t look deformed, only slightly swollen and no bruising. It is still numb to the touch on the top of the toe. This morning, I tried to roll to my toes, heels up and it was quite painful. I am able to move it down and up with my hand without much pain but it feels stiff.
What have I done to it? Why can’t I move it? Important to note, due to recent back problems/surgery, I haven’t run for 1.5 years so this isn’t related to any recent activity other than the event yesterday when it popped and created this new issue.
Thank you for your help!

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