Big toe misalignment

Big toe on right foot spreads outward leaving a space between it and toes next to it. this in turn causes misalignment of remainder of toes. I have been to orthopedic doctors and all recommend surgery. The pain occurs when I wear shoes that causes friction to the big toe. What is the condition called and are there any toe devices that would help realign the big toe inward. I know I will have to have surgery but can’t at present as it will be a six week healing process. I saw several devices on Amazon that might help but not sure which to choose. Please advise. Thanks

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    Hello and thank you for your question. I would recommend looking up Bunion Bootie ( and CorrectToes ( to see if these help. In addition you can roll the foot to balance out the foot stres. I recommend to my patients using either a golf ball or RAD Roller ( daily for 5 – 10 minutes. I hope this helps!

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