Big toe joint pain

On the joint of the second toe next to the big toe there is a sharp pain that increases then dies out after a few days. The pain is more located on the top of the foot where the toe meets the foot and it hurts to walk. first time was a few years ago only on the right foot then recently it is now on the left foot. And the outside of the foot has a pins and needles sensation. I thought capsulitis or something

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Without examining your foot it is hard for me to say exactly however if you haven’t seen a Podiatrist you may want to have your foot evaluated in person. There are several things to rule out including capsulitis, neuroma, stress fracture, bursitis. In the mean time you want to make sure you aren’t stressing your foot with improper footwear or movements. When the pain increases you can ice or take NSAIDs. Sorry I cannot provide more information but you do need to be evaluated in person.

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