Big toe ingrown nail pain

Hi I often have mild ingrown toenails that I am able to fix myself, I had one on my left big toe about 6 weeks ago maybe. I, as usual, removed it and it was normal again. A few nights later I was laying in bed with severe pain in my toe. The next day there was a puss filled sac and I could tell that it was infected. I emptied the sack of puss and it was fine again for a few days but then there was a small red mass and it was still hurting. I left it alone, but cleaned it nightly with peroxide and antibacterial ointment. Before I knew it the mass had grown a lot. It is small enough where I can cover it with a bandaid and I constantly do have it covered because it hurts when touched. It hurts when I have it compressed in shoes but I usually just deal with it. The mass is not under my skin it is above and very much connected. It is pinkish and it itself doesn’t hurt, but my the part of my toe right above it hurts, like the area right next to the bottom of my toenail. It also extremely hurts when someone accidently steps on it or I accidently kick something. I don’t know what to do about this because I’m not sure how to treat it. I don’t want to involve my parents, but I’m almost positive to be fixed it needs to be cut off by a doctor. It is not fluid filled because I have tried to puncture it with a needle. This has never happened before and I can’t seem to find anything similar online. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of anything similar sounding but I need real medical advice. Should I leave it hoping it will heal itself or is it critical that I see a doctor right away? I’m kind of scared that it is some sort of cancerous tumor. Thanks.

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