Ball of foot/pain/callous

Ok, I’ve had these painful callouses on the balls of my feet for years, one has one large one and the other has two smaller ones. If the callus is shaved there is an obvious “white circle” and pain is relieved some what. There are no black dots which is why a previous podiatrist ruled out plantar warts during the physical exam. He claimed my bones were pushed down causing my skin to form the callus to protect the bone but he didn’t take an x-ray or anything. My issue with his dx is that he’s a Medicaid doctor and a lot of them don’t put forth the effort so the question I guess is it possible that these are plantar warts? Have you heard/seen anything like this before? It’s just getting unbearable now because I started working at a fast food place and I’m on my feet all the time now, it’s unbearable. Please help!!!

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    Hello and thank you for your question. What you are describing is calluses or corns that grow inward this is referred to as an IPK. The only treatment for IPKs is to shave the callus and off load the area with paddings or insoles. Feet are all about pressure so excess pressure to any area will cause the calluses and corns to form. If you have not considered custom orthotics that offload these areas it may be worth considering. You can speak to that same Podiatrist about this or get a 2nd opinion and evaluation for offloading orthotics. I hope this helps!

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