back heel pain for few months.

so one day woke up with back heel pain, at first thought it would go away in week or 2.. but few months in.. still gives me bother, it’s on right foot, at the very back of the heel.. I am going to guess (Heel bone area) but what is weird is, I have 2 bump like thing on both my heels, but only 1 is giving me bother, discomfort/pain is only happening if I walk on it specially for long periods of time.. it’s not like a stabby pain.. more like a dull one, but still very annoying. sometimes, I can walk on it for awhile before I notice anything.. what can this be?

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  1. suzy

    I have a bump on back of my heel, like around the ankle area, my ortho Dr. called it a Pump Bump from women wore high heels back in the day. I’ve been going to phys therap for 3 wks doing ultra sounds . Helps for awhile till i go back to work and on feet for 8 hrs, 3 days a wk. It has gone down alittle. Its called achillies tendonitus (sp)

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