Baby’s feet and shoes

My new granddaughter will be 1yr old in February, 2018. She’s already standing and walking while holding on to furniture, so I’m sure she’ll be walking on her own quite soon. My concern is her parents lack of concern for sturdy shoes for the baby now that she’s on her feet a good deal of the time. Back in the day, we would buy those cute little white, high ankle, lace up shoes for the first couple of years. Today? Kids are wearing flip-flops all the time in Arizona. I don’t think the baby even has any shoes yet and none in sight, according to the Mom. My 12 yr. old grandson is so flat-footed that his pediatrician has already warned his parents about the knee, hip and back problems he’ll probably have as an adult. Do babies need a firm, hard shoe once they actually begin walking? Maybe I’m out of touch with what goes on today? Thank you!

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Babies actually do *not* need firm hard shoes once they start walking. The skin on the feet are packed with nerves that need to be stimulated from the ground and the muscles need to be strengthened while walking and standing. In fact if you put shoes on too early you can create more problems. The best shoes for children 12 months is SoftStar Shoes or Bobux. I hope this helps!