Baby shoe recommendation

Hi there, thought you could help me with some questions i have regarding baby shoes! 1) Do you recommend soft-sole shoes for babies under 1 years old? Up until what age are soft-sole shoes still beneficial? 2) Would it ever benefit them to wear shoes with hard soles at all under 18 months? 3) In terms of hardness of shoe, is it better for the part covering the top of the foot to be soft for flexibility also? What about shoes with a hard structure, would you avoid those altogether for babies? Thanks! CL

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Yes I definately recommend soft shoes for children under 1 yo. I’d use soft soled shoes for as long as you can as they provide optimal foot function and neuromuscular stimulation. I would suggest looking at the following companies for soft children’s shoes – Softstar, Vibram, Bobux I’d avoid hard soles shoes especially when on grass and natural surfaces. When walking on concrete you may want to consider harder soled shoes. I hope this helps!

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